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New Hope Church is…

a multi-racial caring community of Christ-followers, who are deeply concerned about the poor, needy and hurting of all people in the inner city. We are passionate about correctly interpreting the Word of God and helping people to live it in obedience and worship to God, so we can be a help and witness to all people.






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We are currently holding a fundraiser to raise money to install air conditioning in our auditorium! Join us in the A.C. challenge!

Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

We are getting closer to our goal at $2091.08! Lets keep it going! We greatly appreciate all of your efforts in the challenge! To donate, click the button above.


We will be having a free flu clinic here at New Hope on August 17 from 11 - 1:30! Come and get a free flu shot!


Attention ladies: New Hope will be one of the livestream hosting sites for the next Women’s Conference! Join us here at the church on Friday, September 27 in the afternoon and all day Saturday, September 28 as we gather together for Revive 19: Seeking HIM, a conference from Revive our Hearts. Speakers will include Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Dannah Gresh, Andrea Griffith and more! Come to Restore your first love, Remove fear, bitterness and worry, and Refresh your spirit!

There will also be a global time of prayer on Friday afternoon to ask God to awaken the hearts of His people for personal revival.

For more information, click on the image above.

To register, click the button below:


Deep within us is the yearning to be brave. Courage empowers us to do the right thing even in the face of fear. Why does it matter so much to our souls to do the right thing rather than the safe thing? It points to the nature and delight of our Creator.

When we think about being brave we can picture the courage of Jesus. He spoke the truth without fear. He lived on earth with a selfless love. And he had the unflinching strength to allow himself to be nailed to a cross on our behalf. In our deepest being we are made to be like Him.

It is the tragedy of our fallen natures to choose to sin countless times leaving us very far from what our Creator intended. The reality of this can fill us to despair to be as God designed.

Who we are designed to be is evidenced more by the yearning within us to be brave rather than our past history. The Lord sets before us a pathway of courage and heart boldness. How can we be prepared to receive this grace?

What's stopping you from living bravely?

Nervous busyness? Playing it safe?

If you are looking to cling to the promises of Scripture and live as if they are true, this article will be a great encouragement to you.




AC Challenge



Join us in the challenge to raise enough money to put an air conditioner in our auditorium! The challenge is on and will go until October 27!

Flu Clinic



If you are interested in getting a flu shot, join us at our free flu clinic on August 17 here at New Hope!

Coffee with the Pastors



If you are new this month and have questions or would just like to talk with the pastors, join us for Coffee with the Pastors on August 25!





It is so important to be in a community and here at New Hope we offer several cycles of small groups! If you are interested in joining a small group or would just like some more information feel free to contact us. For a full list of small group times and days, click the link below!



There are so many opportunities to serve here at New Hope! Whatever you enjoy doing, we have a place for you, because you belong! If you are interested in connecting with a serve team click the link below.




We are located at...


Join us for service every Sunday from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm


1815 North Kostner Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60639
United States


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m - f 9-6

Sat 11 - 2