What We Believe

at New Hope

1. Inerrancy of Scripture: We believe that the very word of God is divinely inspired,    spoken  and breathed by God, and written down by men who were moved, carried  along and  guided by the agency and direction of the Holy Spirit, by using their  humanness to  accurately communicate the divine Truth of God to mankind. We  believe that scripture is totally without error or fallacies in its original documents, and that most modern translations accurately communicate the Truth of God to mankind.  We believe that Gods Word is eternal and will never pass away. We believe that the  teaching of Gods Word is as relevant today as it was in the day it was written. (I Tim  3:16-17, II Pet. 1:21)

2. Virgin Birth of Christ: We believe that Jesus Christ was supernaturally conceived by  the  Holy Spirit and born of the human agency of the Virgin Mary, who had never  known a  man sexually prior to Christ’s birth. (Mt 1:18-25, Lk. 1:26-35 Isa. 7:14-16)

3. Deity of Christ: We believe that Jesus Christ is 100% God, and 100% man. the  incarnate  Christ had a divine origin and a human agency thereby possessing both  divinity and  humanity, yet without sin or the taint of sin upon him. We believe that  Jesus Christ possesses all of the divine attributes and qualities of God the Father, yet voluntarily emptied and limited His use of  those qualities as He saw necessary. (Phil. 2:5-11, Col. 1:15-  20, Jn 10:27-30)

4. Trinity: We believe that there is only one true and living God, who manifests himself in the form of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They are equal in essence and every divine attribute quality and character. In Gen. 1:1-2 God planned, and the H.S. hovered over the face of the water, then in Col. 1, we learned that the son, Jesus created  all things and without Him was nothing made that is made. In Mt. 28:19-20, Jesus  commanded His followers to baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In  I Jn. 5:7 John states that there are three that  bear witness in heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit, these three are “One”. We  believe that the word trinity is not used in scripture to describe the Godhead, yet the concept  of trinity is without doubt  contained in the pages of the Holy Scripture. (Mt. 28:19-20)

5. Blood Atonement: We believe that it was necessary for Christ to die and shed his  blood in  order to provide a substitutionary atonement in order to pay for mans sin, for  without the  shedding of blood there is no remission or removal of sins. Christ absolutely  had to do for us,  and on our behalf that which we could never do for ourselves. Man is  totally depraved and  completely incapable of doing anything righteous or meritorious  enough to deserve entrance  into Heaven. It was mandatory that a perfect and sinless  sacrifice be made to atone for man’  sins, which is appropriated by faith in Christ in  order to be brought into a relationship with  GOD. (Heb 9:14-22, II Cor. 5:21)

6. Sinfulness of Man: We believe that mankind was created sinless and innocent in their original state, but as a result of his free will, Adam and Eve chose to disobey God and thrust  all men into sin by being the Father and head of the human race, thus resulting in the fall of mankind. All men are now by nature and birth sinners, alienated from God and in need of a Savior and new birth to declare them righteous and reconcile them to God. The fall affected  every aspect of human faculties. (Gen 2-3,  Rom 3:9-12, 19-23, 6:23, Psa. 51:5-9, Isa. 64;6, )

7. Creation: We believe that God created all things in our universe that exists, and that man was created in God’s image and likeness to bring him glory and pleasure. Man has value and worth only in the sense that he was created with Gods image and likeness. We do not believe that evolution or any other theory for the existence of all things are valid,  since we have a divine revelation. God created everything that exists (ex nihilo) out of nothing, and that he did this, in six, 24 hour literal days. God qualified that these days were 24 hour periods by the statement, and the morning and evening were the first day etc. We believe that He created everything, full of age, having the appearance that the universe was millions of years old, when it is not, in the same way that Adam was created full of age. The I Peter passage is not a description of the days of creation, but rather it is a description of the patience of God. (Adam was not brought  into the world as a child, but as an  Adult) (Gen 1-3, Col. 1:15-20)

8. Salvation: We believe that salvation is the spiritual need of every person in the  human race, regardless of race or color. That this salvation is totally by grace through faith in the completed work of Christ, who shed his blood upon the cross as sufficient  payment for mans sin, and the satisfying of Gods requirement for sin and entrance into His presence and a relationship with Him. At the point of salvation mans sin is exchanged for Gods righteousness. Except a man be born-again(saved) he can in no  way enter into the Kingdom  of God. (II Cor 5:21, Eph 2:8-9, Jn. 3)

9. Means of Salvation: We believe that salvation is appropriated by faith and trust in the mercy and grace of God, and that salvation is a gift of God and not the result of human works or effort, and it results in a Believers obedience to the Word of God.

10. Satan: We believe that Satan was a high and Holy archangel, but through pride wanted  to become God. He was then cast out of Heaven with a third of the angels following him, he  became Satan and his angels were called demons, these are now the  arch enemies of God  and those He created (mankind). Satan is called the God of this fallen world, and the prince of the power of the air. Out of his hatred for God, Satan desires to  drag all mankind to the place where he will be eternally punished for his sin and  rebellion. He accuses Gods children before God day and night. He is the author of all false religions and false teachers who are sent out  into the world to deceive man and keep them from coming to a saving knowledge of Christ.  Satan causes man to question Gods Word as he did with Adam and Eve in the Garden. He is actively at work in this world through governments and political leaders who reject the Truth of Gods Word, as  truth. He strives to destroy and hinder the redeeming work of God and His Church in this world. He walks about throughout this world seeking whom he may  destroy, and  blind the minds of men, lest the light of the glorious Gospel should shine unto them. His  day of judgment is forthcoming. (Mt 25:41, Eph 6:10-20, Isa. 14, Eze. 28)

11. The Church: We believe that the church universal refers to all Believers who have  placed  their faith in the completed work of Christ as Lord and Savior for Salvation, and  have come  into fellowship and community with other Believers in the local church. We  believe that the  “universal church” is the sum total of all local churches worldwide. We  believe that the local  church expression is a group of people who have been saved,  baptized, united and unified by  a covenant of Faith, and fellowship of the Gospel. That  this body of believers are led by a  group of Godly Pastors and Elders who are looking  out for the spiritual well being of all  believers in each local Church, in order to  accomplish Gods work and will in this world. The  church is Gods plan to reach, teach,  nurture, mend, equip, and involve Gods people in Gods  plan to reach his fallen creation.  We believe there are good Christian organizations that are  involved in doing good  humanitarian and social things without and apart from the church;  and we believe  that any organization that calls itself Christian should come under the  spiritual  leadership and authority of the local church and integrate each person they work  with  into that church. The scripture teaches that the Church is Gods agency for world  evangelization, and the making of committed followers of Christ, who are willing to  die for  His cause. The local Church is where the majority of the commands of Christ are  to be  obeyed and lived out in a practical and communal way. The authority of the  Church in  regards to its doctrine, function and practice is the Word of God. God has  chosen and called  Pastors who have been trained, skilled, and theologically educated to  shepherd local churches.  You cannot fulfill most of the commands of scripture in a  universal church, since there is no  universal church assembly, outside of the local  church, that exists in this world. We believe  that house churches were gatherings of  Believers in homes, that were a part of the larger  local Church in the community. The  universal church is spiritual, the local church is both  spiritual and organic. (Mt 16:18,  Eph 3:21, I Cor 14, Heb 13:17,)

12. Women and Leadership: We believe that women can be involved in every area of  ministry except where scripture clearly prohibits them from being involved. We believe scripture clearly communicates that women are prohibited from being Pastors of local  churches. The Scriptures prohibition of Women as Pastors, is not based on cultural biases or issues, rather the  prohibition is based on creation. Paul makes it very clear in I Tim. 2:12-15 that women are not permitted to teach or exercize spiritual authority over a man, but to be in silence. Paul clearly says that there are two reasons why a woman cannot take the role of Pastor. 1. Because Adam was  created first, and not the woman. The woman was created out of man, and not the man out of woman.  2. The woman was deceived to disobey God, and the man chose to disobey. In I Cor. 11:7-15 Paul addresses the symbol of authority. In this  passage he teaches some straightforward biblical truths. He states that at creation, the man did  not come from the woman, but rather the woman came from man, he says that man was not  created for the woman, but rather the woman was created for the man as a helper, and that this is the reason why a woman ought to have a symbol of authority over them. It has nothing to do with one being superior, and the other inferior. Yet Paul makes it clear that man and women are not independent of each other. People who have a  low view of the Bible, try to explain away the clear teaching of scripture, or they try to twist  the clear meaning of scripture to please people and tickle their ears and tell them what they  want to hear, rather than hearing what God wants them to hear. Too many people seek to be  politically correct, rather than biblically correct.

13. Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts: We believe that every true Believer receives the H.S. at salvation, and not sometime after, and that if a man does not have the Spirit of God, he does not belong to Christ at all. (Rom. 8:9) the Spirit seals and keeps us until the day of redemption at Christ’s return.  We believe that the H.S. is to comfort us, He eternally resides in us, He teaches us all things, and brings to our remembrance everything that is clearly taught in Gods Word, He will  always testify and talk about  Jesus. The Spirit also convicts the world of sin, righteousness and the coming judgment. The Spirit will lead and guide us into the truth of God’s Word, and not some non-biblical revelation, and will  glorify Jesus, not boast or talk about himself. We believe that the fruit or evidences of the Spirit’s presence in a Believer are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness,  goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. The fruits or evidences of the H.S. and the  gifts of the H.S. are two totally  different things. The fruits of the Spirit validates the genuineness ones salvation, and the gifts of the Spirit equips Believers for service in the Body and World. We believe that God has given every Believer a spiritual gift or gifts for the  purpose of building up the local Body of Believers. These gifts are not given to edify ourselves. We believe that all of the gifts are operative today, but not in a carnal,  sensationalistic, and self-centered way that brings glory or attention to the person who has  them. The sign gifts were given during the first century Church to validate the authority and  message of the Apostles, as the foundation for the establishment of the Church. Yet we do  believe  that God still does miracles, and heals people etc. We do not accept or agree with the modern day practice of tongues. We accept tongues only as they are taught in  scripture;  when scripture is correctly exegeted we find that tongues refers to the supernatural ability to speak a known “human language” without  ever having learned  that language. (Tongues absolutely are not a prayer language, spirit language or Angelic language, there is nothing in scripture that defines them as  that, unless you twist the scripture and take it out of context) (Acts 2:1-11) The purpose of tongues seems to have  been for the evangelizing people of another language and culture. The Bible establishes guidelines for the practice of tongues as a human language. (I Cor. 14) The baptism of  the H.S. is a one time event whereby God, through his Spirit baptizes and brings a Believing  sinner into the Church and the family of God by faith. All Believers are baptized by God’s Spirit at Salvation. Salvation and the Baptism of the Spirit happens  supernaturally and simultaneously at the very same moment. (I Cor. 12:13  Rom. 8:9) There absolutely is no subsequent reception of the Spirit after salvation that results in the counterfeit gift of tongues. (ecstatic, sensationalistic emotionalism)

14. Eternal Security: We believe in the eternal security of a Believer, and that once a  person is born-again and becomes a child of God, that he cannot lose his salvation, because salvation was not something he produced. Salvation is all about what God did for us on our behalf, and He  will not undo it. God gives man eternal life. Eternal life begins the moment a sinner places his faith and trust in what Christ did on his behalf, and its  duration is eternal from that point forward. If salvation can be lost then a person never had eternal life. Jesus made it clear that He gives us eternal  life and we will never perish! A  Believers salvation is permanent, secure and protected  by God. (Jn 3:16, 10:27-30, Eph.  4:30)The Bible makes it clear that the H.S. will not leave us or ever forsake us. (Heb. ) We have been  sealed by the Spirit until the day of redemption. (Eph. 4:30) Eternal security gives no Believer the license to sin, or live a life of carnality and disobedience to God. (I Jn. 2:18-23)

15. Bodily Resurrection: We believe in the literal, visible, and physical, bodily resurrection of Christ from the dead. It was not a spiritual or ethereal resurrection, rather the resurrection of Christ was the capstone on Christ’s claim to be God in human flesh.  The resurrection validated his claims and miracles and gave proof that he is who he said he was. His  resurrection gave proof that there is salvation in no other name. We  believe that all Christians will be resurrected with a new body, and that will happen at the rapture of the  Church. (I Cor 15, Mt 28:1-20, Acts 1)

16. Perseverance of Believers: We believe that all true Believers will persevere in their faith walk, and that occasionally Believers will temporarily backslide, but true  Believers will return to the Lord in humility and surrender to His will. Those who walk away from God do not lose their salvation, but rather they reveal they truly did not have salvation. (I Jn 2:19-  23)

17. Rapture & Second Coming: We believe in the literal, rapture of the Church prior to  the  outpouring of Gods wrath on this world and prior to the 1000 year millennial reign of Christ upon the throne of David. The rapture is event whereby Christ comes in the air to snatch up the Church from the outpouring of His wrath upon the unbelieving world. We believe that  scripture is clear that the church will go through a period of  tribulation-suffering as part of the wrath of Satan against Gods bride, the Church. (Rev. We believe there is no hermeneutical or exegetical biblical evidence to validate a seven year  tribulation period. The 7 last years of human existence as we know it, is called the 70th week of Daniel, and within the 70th week of  Daniel there is a period of sorrows, a  great tribulation, the rapture of the Church, the  outpouring of the Wrath of God, and  the advent of Christ, when He comes to earth to establish the 1000 year reign of Christ upon the throne of David as promised. We believe  that the Rapture of the Church is when Christ returns in the air to snatch up His bride the  Church. We believe that the  advent of Christ is when he returns to Earth to set up His kingdom and fulfill his  promises and covenants to Israel and the Forefathers. (Mt 24, Mk 13,  Lk 17, I Thes 4, II  Thes 2, Rev 20:1-22:21, Isa. 9:6-7, 11:25)