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Our mission

To reach lost people of all nationalities, and disciple them to love God, and be spiritually mature, radically devoted to Christ, and be willing to faithfully serve God and die for His Cause.

our vision

  1. We have been called to compassionately serve and evangelize the Poor, Needy, broken and hurting of the inner city, and affirm their human dignity.

  2. To reach out to broken and hurting families of the community and restore them to spiritual and relational wholeness.

  3. To teach every person sound doctrine and how to correctly interpret the Word of God.

  4. To see every person in the Body of Christ actively growing in their love for God, and love for one another, by being involved in small groups and faithfully doing the work of ministry.

  5. Establish a Bible Institute to teach sound doctrine and Theology to everyone.

  6. To be a church that is living out Racial Reconciliation by loving and accepting people of all races.

  7. To establish a community center that provides all children an escape from the violence of the streets in a safe and caring environment in order to empower them and give them Hope.

  8. To have an alternative educational opportunity. Hope International Christian Academy.

  9. Establish the Hope College Scholarship Fund to help urban youth acquire a Christian College education at Liberty.

  10. To Engage in Urban and Cross-Cultural Church Planting in India, Africa, and Latin America.