Andy Zivojinovic:  Pastor

Andy is a Pastor at New Hope. He founded the church after God gave him a passionate love for the poor, broken and needy of the inner city. He and his wife Valerie along with their two boys, Josiah and Micah are going on 29 years of ministry at the same church. He is very passionate about racial reconciliation, rightly interpreting the Word of Truth, and sharing the Gospel with people of all races and cultures. Andy has a real desire to raise up urban minorities into future leadership in all areas of life and the community. He helped launch the StreetHope ministry to the needy, that ministers to hundreds of people weekly, also H4tH Urban Missions, Public School campus ministry, Carnival Outreach at the local high school, Hope Bible Institute, LifeHope Biblical Counseling, the Hope Center and others.  He has his B.S. in Theology and a M. Div. from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and is finishing up his Doctorate degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He speaks at different conferences and seminars dealing with urban ministry and missions. He has spearheaded various ministries to reach the lost at any cost, and train-up God-centered Christ-followers. 

Gerald Smith:  Assistant Pastor

Gerald will work very closely with the Sr. Pastor. He will share preaching responsibilities at the Church as well. He will likewise oversee the Small group ministry of the Church and help with many of the Administrative responsibilities of the Church. He will also help with the young adult ministry in the Church and be actively involved in leadership development. He will likewise assist in establishing systems to help us become more effective in disciple-making. Gerald will use his God-given gifts, talents and abilities to help mature the body of Christ into the image and likeness of Christ. He is very passionate about being a disciple-making Pastor.

Eugene DeJesus:  Young adult pastor

Eugene plays various roles. He is our Young adult Pastor and also doubles as an administrative Pastor as well.  Gene was led to Christ at New Hope when he was 18 yrs. old, when invited by his mother to come to this church that has a "crazy white man" as a Pastor in the hood. Eugene was also trained at the Hope Bible Institute, and ordained into the ministry. He has two children, Eugenio and Ashley. He has a crazy love for youth, and is like a "dad" to so many youth who do not have one. He has a passionate love for doing Gods work. He is very faithful, dependable, and trustworthy. Eugene had demonstrated a life of faithfulness and commitment in every area of his life. He is a very loving and giving person in more ways than one. He has grown in wisdom and compassion. He desires to continually grow and mature in his relationship and devotion to God.

Al Reyes:  Elder

Al Reyes is the Head Elder of the Leadership team. He is actively involved in a teaching ministry every Sunday morning. Al also oversees the Pastoral Care ministry of the Church. He was born and raised in the "hood" and is very insightful of the culture. Al is married to Teresa Reyes and has two sons, Jerry and Beau. Al has been trained in the Hope Bible Institute and mentored one-on-one over the years. He has grown into a God-centered leader. Al is very passionate about correctly interpreting the Word of Truth. He has seen so many false teachers pervert the truth. Al is a very hands-on guys who loves to get involved in the lives of people. He is faithful to God in every area of his life.  

Tom Grieco:  Elder

Tom as an Elder oversees the Mens Ministry of New Hope Church. He is actively involved in different areas of ministry within the Church. Tom is the CEO of Chicago Windows and Doors. Tom and his wife Rocky have been a part of New Hope since 2013, and have been a blessing to New Hope.

Heads of Ministry

Women's Ministry - Valerie Zivojinovic

Young Adults - Eugene DeJesus

Andy Zivojinovic - Adult Ministry

Worship Arts - Gina Wtulich

Ministry Leaders

Deacon - Herberth Gonzalez

Elders - Al Reyes, Tom Grieco

Media Ministry- Felix Vazquez

KidsHope -

Hope for the Hood-