Small Groups

      Our small group ministry is done according to a persons desired level of involvement. Our desire is to place people into a small group that they will be best able to learn and grow in their relationship with God, and other Believers. Our small groups are structured in 101, 201, 301, 401 format. These are designed to help Believers grow at their pace and level in their spiritual journey. 

     Our Small Group Ministry Purpose: Is to create places of vibrant and caring communities where lives are being transformed, one spiritual step at a time, into spiritually mature and radically devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

    The HOPE Group Structure follows a 4 step journey and our goal is to move people along this path towards maturity and radical devotion to Christ.

 The Four levels of Small Group

101 groups are for the curious, who desire to know more about what Christianity is all about.

201 groups are for those who desire to be more connected with others and go beyond being a spectator.

             101 and 201 groups are limited commitment.

301 groups are for those who desire to be more committed to and involved in the ministry             of the Church.

401 groups are for those Believers who are courageous and are willing to live a missional life and begin to lead.

             301 and 401 groups are more engaging.            

The diagram at the right lays out the characterisitics of each stage of our small group ministry

  1. Our Aim:  That the most casual guest senses that Hope Groups are the heart of our church.     
  2. Our Goal: That every church family and their friend’s family is connected to a caring community.