Our Values

"New Hope Church" as a group of Believers holds to and promotes the following Core Values that are the basis for all that we do.

1. Word of God: We believe the Bible is the ultimate authority over a man's life and practice.   ( Jn. 8)

2. Diversity: We value the fact that God created every race of mankind in His image and likeness and all of us have value and worth in the family of God. (I Tim. 2:3, Gen.2)

3. Community: We believe that community is a key aspect of Christianity and that small groups are essential to the growth, maturity, and the development     of Christian community and family. (Acts 2)

4. Discipleship We believe that we are to train and empower leaders from within the community through mentoring and life-on life investment. (II Tim. 2:2)  ()

5. Outreach: We believe that God desires all men, of all nations to be saved and come to a knowledge of the Truth. (I Tim. 2:3

6. Racial reconciliation: s basic to the Gospel message, where man is reconciled to God, and man is reconciled to mankind.  We believe that we are to love people of all races, colors and cultures and work towards racial reconciliation bring them into the life of Body of Christ, the Church. (Jn. 13:34-35) ()

7. Sacrifice: We believe that everything we have belongs to God, and he expects us to give back to him a portion of everything.

8. Serving:  We believe that God requires that all Believers live their lives in faithful service to God in some area of ministry.















Our Distinctives

Christ-centered: We are a Bible teaching ministry that teaches the truth of Gods Word. We do not change our theology to accomodate the culture we live in. We are committed to teach the truth of Gods Word. 

Community-focused: We focus on doing the majority of our outreach and ministry within the context of the community, outside of the 4 walls of our church.

Contemporary: Our services are very contemporary and up beat, mixed with some traditional styles of Worship.

Cell-based: We are very committed to developing Christian community and the best way to do that is through intimate small group relationships and interaction.

Culturally Diverse: We are a racially diverse Church resulting from our passionate pursuit of racial-reconciliation, The natural result of being reconciled to God, is seeking to be reconciled with mankind across all racial boundaries.

Commission-driven: We focus on reaching people of all races, colors and cultures and bring them to spiritual maturity in Christ. The great commission is a motivation and marching orders from God.

Compassionate service: We focus on reaching the poor and needy. We believe God desires that we as a Church seek out the less fortunate and the least of these.